L is for Love, Loyalty & Lower Fees

The 14th of February is a day that celebrates love and loyalty. While love remains the purview of poets and artists, loyalty has long been recognised in the commercial world.

Twenty years ago, I received my first loyalty card which was for a supermarket. The innovation of loyalty cards recognises that consumers had a choice in where to shop and that loyalty should be rewarded.

Since that time, my loyalty cards have multiplied. I have three supermarket ‘loyalty’ cards and similar cards for my coffee, haircuts and even dry cleaning.

Asset managers have done very little to reward loyalty, despite the importance of long-term partnerships to investing success.  

That is why today Mayar Fund is launching its Loyalty Share class. Investors who have been our partners for three years or more will be entitled to invest any additional capital in the new Loyalty Share Class and enjoy a management fee of 0.5% and a 14% performance fee. 

One of our Partnership Principles is ‘Only Long-Term’ and Mayar wants to recognise and reward our partners who have exhibited the same outlook.

Thank you all for your continued loyalty and happy Valentine’s Day!


Marc Cox

Head of Investor Relations, Mayar Capital

Please contact me at or on 44 20 3735 5072.